Fuel Sending Unit Rebuilding Service

Knowing How Much Gas You Have in the Tank Is Pretty Important

While 16 gallons of gas might have been plenty for a 200 cubic inch six, but when Ford decided to put a 390 4V in the 1967 Cougar and Mustang, gas stops became far more frequent. Even the 289 and 302 were relatively thirsty, and gas stations are not on every corner the way they used to be. In 1969 capacity was increased to 20 gallons and then up to 22 gallons in 1970. Still not much range with a 351, 390, 428, or 429!

Fuel Sending units came in two varieties. The low fuel sender has two posts and a built in thermistor. The standard sender has a single post until 1971. The sender for each year is different from ’67 to ’70 and then the same from ’71 through ’73. In general they are not interchangeable unless you use the matching gas tank.

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