1967 1968 Cougar Center AC Vent Includes Spacer Trim for Standard (not XR-7) Cougars

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This is the center AC vent for 1967 and 1968 Standard Cougars.  It will not fit the XR7.

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This is the center dash AC vent for use in standard Cougars.  This will not fit the XR-7.  The standard Cougar dash was finished with a soft fascia that matched the interior color.  AC equipped cars had a rectangular cut out for the AC center vent.

The fascia pad must be removed to install the center vent that attaches to the main structure of the dash.  A chrome plated plastic spacer goes in between the vent and the fascia panel.  That spacer or trim ring is included with this vent.  It also available separately.

If your Cougar did not come with factory air the design of this vent allows you to cut out the opening and then install this vent through the fascia panel.  It won’t look exactly like the factory panel but having cold air in your Cougar just might make up for that. This requires a bit of skill and we can’t be responsible for your results if you try this mounting technique.

This vent is also popular for hot rods and custom cars where you don’t want a cheesy plastic vent right in the middle of your dash.  This vent is die cast metal alloy that is triple chrome plated.  Even the louvers are made of metal.  Just like factory the linkage pieces and inner cage are plastic, every thing else including the thumb wheels are metal.

Stop looking at that pitted out 50+ year old vent in the middle of your dash!




This vent fits:

  • 1967 – 1968 Standard Cougar (NOT XR-7, we have the right vent for that too!)