1967 1968 Cougar XR-7 Dash Emblem (Paint XR-7)


This is the Cougar XR-7 Emblem that is on the passenger side dash of every XR-7 Cougar, exactly the way it was done at the factory.  For a slightly brighter look try the C78COUGARXR7-DASHCR with chrome XR-7 lettering.   The standard Cougar used a different, shorter emblem.

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The Cougar XR-7 dash board gave the car a big measure of its European flair.  Every one knows this Cougar is special because the Cougar XR-7 Emblem is on the dash directly in front of the passenger seat.  Only the original emblems have typically long lost their glory to the ravages of time.  Thankfully we have the cure for that.

When we were developing this part we discovered that the letters XR-7 actually had a layer of chrome underneath a layer of dull silver paint.  We sampled the part exactly as the original and also with the chrome revealed.  We couldn’t decide which one we liked the best so we are offering both.  This listing is for the original satin painted version.

In the comparison photo the top version is the one offer here.  The bottom version has the underlying chrome revealed.



This part fits

  • 1967-1968 Mercury Cougar XR-7 (not Standard)