1967 1968 Mustang Center AC Vent for use with Deluxe interior


This is the center AC vent with recessed areas to allow you to insert brushed aluminum or wood grain appliques to match the Deluxe Mustang dash in 1967 and 1968.

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This is the center dash AC vent for use in Mustangs with the Deluxe interior. The standard Mustang dash was finished in black pebble grain or camera-case finish.  In 1967 the Deluxe interior dash used a brushed aluminum finish, in 1968 it was a wood grain finish.  This  vent is DOES NOT include the black camera-case finish segments.  Many suppliers offer the brushed aluminum or wood grain finish in a kit to cover your dash.  None of them match the original finish exactly so we recommend that you use one of the applique kits to cover all of your dash components so they will match.  You will need to apply the  brushed aluminum or wood grain appliques  to the recessed side surfaces of the face of the vent. The dash applique kits are available from most Scott Drake Mustang parts dealers.

Here is a link to the Scott Drake  Brushed Aluminum kit on the NPD site.  We are not set up as a dealer for Scott Drake so we cannot offer this to you directly.

Here is a link to a low cost Wood Grain kit that will at least give you the two pieces you need.  Oddly enough the applique for the driver side vent is for non AC equipped cars.

The original vents had two major weaknesses: the mounting tabs at the end were easily broken off and the louvers and interconnection links were also fragile.  We addressed both of these issues to make a better than factory part.

The Deluxe interior was brushed aluminum in 1967 and wood grain in 1968. If you have the black  camera-case or pebble grain interior, interior you should order the “B” version of this vent.

This vent fits:

  • 1967 – 1968 Mustang