Gauge Tester GT-Ford-1


GT-Ford-1 Gauge Tester

Test the gauges on 1956 to 1983 Ford Products.  Works with Fuel, Temperature and Oil Pressure Gauges.  Also verifies that the Instrument Voltage Regulator is working.  Check each gauge at High, Medium and Low readings.  Simply unplug the sender and attach the Tester with the supplied alligator clip leads, turn the ignition on, and verify the function of your gauges.


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Now you can quickly determine if the gauges in your car are accurate.  The GT-Ford-1 works with Ford Vehicles from 1956 to 1983.  It lets you verify the high medium and low reading for your gauges and also shows that the Instrument Voltage Regulator is working.

If you own a classic Ford Lincoln or Mercury you know that the gauge readings are often not what you would expect. It is incredibly common to have the temp gauge reading hot when the car is actually not hot at all. Or fuel gauges that read perpetually low. Or oil pressure gauges that seem to be more mysterious than accurate. Aftermarket senders may or may not be supplying the right signal. The wiring in between can be suspect, and full of bad connections. And then gauges themselves need to be properly calibrated. It is hard to nail down the problem.

Desert Classic Parts has developed a gauge tester that will supply the right signals to allow you to test your gauges. You unplug the wire attached to the sender and connect the tester to that wire on one end and to ground on the other (alligator clips make this easy). Switch on the High or Full position and the gauge should show a full tank, hot engine, or maximum oil pressure. Switch to the Medium position and your gauges should read right in the middle. Switch to Low or Empty and they should read the bottom of the scale.



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