Low Fuel Sending Unit Rebuilding Service. Send Us Your Core!


Sending unit rebuilding service.  Send us your rebuildable low fuel sending unit core and we can make it work better than new.  If your sender can’t be rebuilt we refund all but $15 to cover inspection and return postage of your old core.

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Get your low fuel sender rebuilt to function like new!

After 50 years your old sender usually reads lower than the actual fuel level in the tank and the low fuel light hasn’t come on for years.  We can restore it to work like new.  In fact our hand calibration process will actually make it better than new.

Fuel Sending Unit Part Number LocationThe sending unit used in the Cougar XR-7 from 1967 and on, the Cougar Eliminator, and the 1967 and 1968 Mustang and Cougar equipped with the Safety Convenience Panel option all require this type of sender.  This option consisted of  four warning lights installed in the face of the center console if so equipped or in the center dash for non AC equipped cars.  The lights included a BELT reminder, DOOR Ajar, Parking BRAKE and Low FUEL warning.

This sender comes equipped with a new filter, brass float, tank seal ring, and improved thermistor.  Each sender is hand calibrated to factory specifications and individually tested in the original factory circuit including an original Ford Instrument Voltage Regulator and Fuel Gauge.  The thermistor is tested using all original Ford circuit parts.

This type sender has two active terminal posts plus an alignment post.  One provides the signal for fuel level and the other provides the signal for the low fuel warning.  The fuel level is measured by a variable resistor inside a triangle shaped metal housing.  The low fuel warning is provided by a thermistor housed in the brass bullet.

The thermistor that Ford used has been out of production for many years, but as it turns out that is not really a bad thing. It was not very durable, barely lasting out the warranty period, and it is also not compatible with the higher charging voltage produced by modern solid state voltage regulators. After much research a new more reliable thermistor has been located that can also  accommodate the higher voltages.

For an in-depth discussion of the rebuilding process follow this link: https://desertclassicparts.com/fuel-sending-unit-rebuilding-service/

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Sender Rebuild Service

Have a good core? Send your core in for rebuild and save $125. Most senders are rebuildable. If your sender can't be rebuilt it will be returned to and all but $10 to cover return postage will be refunded.