Rebuilt OEM 1970 Low Fuel Sending Unit No Core Required


Rebuilt 1970 Cougar XR-7 and Eliminator Low Fuel Sending Unit.  3/8″ Main tube.  Works with 22 gallon tank.  No core required.  This product is subject to the availability of rebuildable cores.

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This is the sending unit used in the 1970 Cougar XR-7 and Eliminator equipped with a low fuel light.

This sender has two active terminal posts.  One provides the signal for fuel level and the other provides the signal for the low fuel warning.  The fuel level is measured by a variable resistor inside a triangle shaped metal housing.  The low fuel warning is provided by a thermistor housed in the brass bullet.

This sender comes equipped with a new filter, brass float, tank seal ring, and thermistor.  Each sender is hand calibrated to factory specifications and individually tested in the original factory circuit including an original Ford Instrument Voltage Regulator and Fuel Gauge.  The thermistor is tested using all original Ford circuit parts.

In 1970 the fuel tank was enlarged to 22 gallons.  This required a longer float arm to accommodate the taller tank.    This is the correct 3/8″ sender marked with the Ford part number DOWF-9275-D  (the suffix varies but all are functionally identical and interchangeable).

If you are thinking about using this  larger tank in your ’67 or ’68,  you will need to modify the fuel filler neck as this tank is taller than the 16 gallon tank your car originally came with.  You will also need to change the wiring to the sender as the pin out from the sender changed for 1969 and 1970.

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Weight1 lbs
Sender Rebuild Service

Have a good core? Send your core in for rebuild and save $125. Most senders are rebuildable. If your sender can't be rebuilt it will be returned to and all but $10 to cover return postage will be refunded.