Rebuilt OEM 1971 XR-7 429 CJ Low Fuel Sending Unit No Core Required


Rebuilt 1971 429 Cobra Jet Cougar XR-7 Low Fuel Sending Unit.  3/8″ Main tube, and 1/4″ return line.  Works with 20 gallon tank.  No core required.  This product is subject to the availability of rebuildable cores, which means pretty much never going to happen! Thanks for looking.

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This is perhaps the rarest sender Ford ever used, the D1WF-9275-BA with an additional return fuel line, and low fuel thermistor.

This is the sending unit used only in the 1971 Cougar XR-7 equipped with the 429 Cobra Jet.   This is an XR-7 only part.  The Mustang did come with the 429CJ but it did not come equipped with the low fuel light option.  Chances are good that we will never have one of these to offer.  In fact, the pictured sender was sent to us by Taylor Restorations for restoration and it is the first of these we have ever seen.  It was in terrible condition when it arrived so this was an all out effort to save this very rare sender.

It is impossible to put a price on something like this for two reasons, there were very few built making it rare, and at the same time there wee very few 429CJ XR-7 Cougars built that need one.  So consider the price here as a wild guess, should we ever get one we will revisit the pricing.  It’s a one year only part (1971) that fits only one vehicle, the ’71 Cougar XR-7 with 429 CJ, and there were only 356 of those built.

D1WF-9275-BA '71 429CJ XR-7 sender

What makes this sender so unique is that it is equipped with a return fuel line.  The idea was to provide a way to keep cool fuel circulating to reduce vapor lock.  It was an innovation that Chrysler used on the 426 Hemi and 440 engines, and perhaps others.  This sender has two active terminal posts.  One provides the signal for fuel level and the other provides the signal for the low fuel warning.  The fuel level is measured by a variable resistor inside a triangle shaped metal housing.  The low fuel warning is provided by a thermistor housed in the brass bullet.

This sender comes equipped with a new filter, brass float, tank seal ring, and thermistor.  Each sender is hand calibrated to factory specifications and individually tested in the original factory circuit including an original Ford Instrument Voltage Regulator and Fuel Gauge.  The thermistor is tested using all original Ford circuit parts.

In 1971 the fuel tank was reconfigured and reduced to 20 gallon capacity.   After changing senders every year since 1967  a new sender design fit all ’71 through ’73 Cougars.    For all other Cougars you need the D1WF-9275-AB.  If you are lucky enough to have the 429 CJ you will need  I have never actually seen one of these…



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Sender Rebuild Service

Have a good core? Send your core in for rebuild and save $125. Most senders are rebuildable. If your sender can't be rebuilt it will be returned to and all but $10 to cover return postage will be refunded.